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In Anaheim air conditioning repair is something that can’t wait. Our team of technical repair professionals will come to your home, quickly diagnose your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace using our repair matrix method and have you back up heating or cooling in no time.

Your Safety & Comfort 1st
When we send someone to your home, the technician who shows up will be clean, eager and he will treat you like his own family. An e-mail will be sent to you with a photo and biography of the technician that goes out to your home. This way you always know who’s going to your home before they get there.

No Surprises at Anaheim Air Conditioning
We give honest up front pricing before proceeding with the repairs and we never exaggerate symptoms you’ll hear only the truth from us.

We advise you of every option. [lgnext]
If repairing is your best option, then that’s what we do. But, on the other hand if we see dangerous situations or that make us feel the air conditioner may have seen its day and is better off being replaced. We would then give you options for repair and replacement, with our recommendations and why.

But there’s one difference with us, we can always fix it. You’ll never hear I can’t from us, because if old things couldn’t be fixed, there would be no classic cars on the road.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance could be the difference in your ac system lasting 10 years or lasting 20 years.
Nobody would ever dream of letting their car go 100,000 miles without so much as a tune up or an oil change. But that’s exactly what an air conditioner does in a Anaheim summer; it goes 100,000 miles or at least equivalent in run time. These machines are designed at 105 degrees but, we all know it can get as hot as 115+ degrees in Anaheim. Air Conditioners do not do well at those temperatures and that is why you need to some routine maintenance to ensure your air conditioner continues to blow cold.

How often should I have my heating or air conditioning tuned up?
If you’d like to avoid needing air conditioning repair in the middle of summer. The best thing to do is give your air conditioning a good cleaning and a good once over every year about a month before summer. Also, give your furnace the old eagle eye once a year right before winter. There are times when you will look at your furnace and say oh, there was nothing wrong but, what about that one time when you catch a small problem before it became a big problem. That one time will save you some head ache and some money. The furnace absolutely needs to be checked for mechanical function, safety and rust every year.

Why do I need heating and ac checkups?
Here’s The 6 Big Reasons Why.

1. Carbon Monoxide
Every time your home furnace turns on, it generates carbon monoxide. That C02 is supposed to be inside a sealed metal chamber and vented out the flue pipe exhaust. Sometimes the heat exchanger can crack or the flue can be blocked or not pitched right. Either way the cause can be unwanted carbon monoxide finding it’s way into the homes livable or breathable space. Safety is the number one priority, That is why when we perform a winter time heating system check up. We inspect the flue and heat exchanger first to be sure your family is safe and can rest assured and worry free.

2. Compressors
A new compressor will turn on and pull a normal amp draw like 8-20 amps but a compressor that is starting to seize up inside will show it by pulling more power to get started. Example: A failing compressor might pull 30+ or even 60+ amps on start or for the first ½ a second then drop down to pulling constant 8-20 amps depending on size. This symptom is a preview to doom, but we can slow down the degrade by installing a start capacitor. A start capacitor will help the compressor get started so it doesn’t have to pull all that power to get started.

3. Insulating and sealing
During maintenance or whatever you call it. You should always look for broken seals anywhere around your return air or supply air ductwork connections. Leaky duct work can more than double the hvac portion of the energy bill and bring in a whole lot of unwanted dust debris and allergens. It’s very easy to simply crawl through the attic and inspect for leaks.

4. Burning Wires
During a central air conditioning checkup, we are looking for wires that may be showing signs of fatigue or burning. Catching them now and repairing or replacing them before they burn completely off can save you a compressor or a motor.

5. Dirty or Rusted Coils
You always need to inspect both the condenser coil and the evaporator coil to verify that they are not rusted or clogged with dirt. If a coil is rusty we know it could rust a hole and all the Freon leaks out or through the bottom and water leaks out all through the attic. With the potential for this type of damage we always inspect both coils before giving a system the all clear.

6. Drain Pans and Lines
Air Conditioning produces water. Clearing of the drain lines is very important as they do exactly what they sound like, they drain water outside. If these clog up, the water could back up and overflow, destroying your ceiling. That’s why it’s important to blow both drain lines out with a high pressure inert gas like nitrogen. It’s also important to inspect the drain pan for rust as you know what happens when the bottom of the unit rust’s a hole in itself, “can you say water leak”.

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Anaheim Air Conditioning Repair

As temperatures rise you will want to turn your thermostat down and cool off. You rely on
your air conditioner to keep your family cool on scorching hot summer days. The last thing you need is for your cooling system to quit functioning properly or to fail completely.

6 Common Repair Signs
Lack of Cool Air
It’s official, your air conditioner has officially stopped doing its job. If there is little air coming out of the vents or the air is no longer cool, you may have a serious problem with your system. These can be signs that compressor has failed or is failing. It could also be a sign that your system’s coolant levels are too low. If this is the case you may have a repair to tackle.
Poor Air Flow
If you are noticing very little air flow or weak air flow your AC compressor may be
on its way out or you may even have a problem with the fan motor on your furnace. Are some of the rooms in your home getting cold air while some are not? This could be an issue associated with your air ducts being clogged by dirt and debris. If you suspect this is the case have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible to prevent health risk.
Thermostat Problems
The problem with your cooling system may not be the air unit itself and may only be the thermostat. One way to tell if the thermostat is the problem is if one part of your house is really cold while the other remains the same temperature.
Moisture, Leakage, or Ice Up
Any leakage, moisture, or ice around your air conditioning system or furnace could be a
sign of problems. There are a few different causes of leaks, and ice. One problem is not having enough airflow over your AC Coil causing the copper line set to freeze up and stop working. Another cause may be imbalance in your coolant levels. Sometimes the fix is a properly cleaned coil or condenser, or getting the right charge of coolant in your system.
Strange Sounds
Squealing, grating, rumbling, or grinding are all sounds that you don’t want coming from your air conditioning unit. These noises are implying that their is something wrong inside of your unit. Be sure to have your unit immediately checked after you begin to hear sounds in order to prevent a costly breakdown in the future or increased damage when it may be a simple fix to start.
Strange Odors
If you begin to smell a foul and pungent odor coming out of your air conditioning vents it
could be an indication that your A’s insulation wire has burned out or a musty smell could be an indication of mold caused by a dirty coil, duct-work, or too much moisture in the system.

Anaheim Heating Professionals

Don’t weather the cold another season without a reliable, efficient heating system. The expert team at Anaheim provides quality heating service, including repair, maintenance and installation for residents of the greater Anaheim area. Our professional technicians always wear booties and clean up after our work. The only sign of our having been there will be your perfectly functioning HVAC system.

Heating System Repair: At we take care of your heating system repair, no matter how large or small the issue is. Our qualified technicians answer your questions and explain the methodology for addressing your heating system issue.

Heating System Installation: New, high-efficiency equipment can be up to 75% more efficient than your old system, consuming 30% less fuel. Whatever type of heating system you choose, we have the expertise to install it right, the first time. We ensure everything is done safely and correctly.

Heating System Maintenance: The last thing you want is your heating system to malfunction when the weather turns cold. The best way to avoid major problems, and save yourself from costly repairs, is to have your system serviced regularly. Our heating system maintenance programs catch issues before they develop into problems.

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